Something Hopeful Is
About to Happen.

At Red River Behavioral Health System, we are here to get you, back to you. We offer a full continuum of quality psychiatric care and access to a team of board certified professionals who will work together to personalize a plan that fits your individual needs. A compassionate hand in a time of crisis, we are dedicated to giving hope and creating change you can experience in the everyday.

Because we know that getting back to the ordinary things is actually a pretty extraordinary thing.

About Us

We’re Red River Behavioral Health System. Your new partner in providing a full spectrum of care for adolescent and adult patients in Grand Forks and the surrounding communities in North Dakota and Minnesota.

We’re led by a seasoned team with extensive experience, passion and a strong track record for providing quality psychiatric care. Each and every one of us is here to listen, here to care and here to help you, get back to you.

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“We are thrilled about the prospects of providing much needed, high-quality psychiatric services in Grand Forks with Red River Behavioral Health System”

James Smith

CAO of Meridian, the parent company of Red River.